Thursday, June 25, 2015

10 Ways in Achieving Superb Butt

Men are sucker for girls with big booties, but girls love having big glutes for themselves. It feels great if the dress that you are wearing look perfect to you most especially at the butt area.  

If you are that gal who’s willing to achieve those “hot buns”, read on the important and nature tips and techniques that will surely make your buns the hottest in town:

1.    Avoid being seated for a long time.

Being seated for quite a long time will make your glutes flat. If being seated is part of your daily routine or job, at least find a way to allow yourself to walk a bit or to move.

From time to time stand up for three counts, then sit down for three counts. Do this for five minutes and go back to your work.

2.    Ditch the elevator and use the stairs!

If your office is only two to three floors from the lobby, or if the next area that you’ll visit is relatively near your place, walk! If you can walk briskly, walk briskly. Notice that people who use stairs more often have firm butts. That is because moving up or down in an elevated area such as stairs is an awesome workout for your buns!

3.    Find time to run…and walk.

Running and walking as your main workout does not only improve your cardiovascular health, but it also shape your buns!  Healthy-living provides a great 12-week work out plan if you’re really serious about having those sexy and irresistible buns before an important occasion.

If you can’t do this, at least clear out a 15-20 minutes your morning, afternoon, or evening just to have this very simple work out.

4.    Work out on the supporting muscle groups to form your hot buns: Legs, lower back, and abdomen.

Apparently, achieving those awesome glutes entail you to work on your legs, lower back, and abdomen to make sure that your ass-worthy butt look fantastic! You may watch exercises on YouTube and other tutorial videos for this. You may check out the fun butt toners from that Hollywood actresses such as Jen Aniston used in maintaining her cutesy buns!

5.    Visit your gym for some sweaty workouts!
Go to the nearest gym and try out some of these exercises that’ll surely make you have that best ass ever:

Goblet Squat

Stability Ball Leg Curls

Romanian Deadlift

Don’t hesitate to ask for the help of your instructors in making sure that you are getting the right positions that will certainly tone your tush.

6.    Jump!
Whether that’s using your jumping rope or through jumping jacks or broad jacks, don’t forget to tone the top part of your butt. For best results, jump on the ground or on the rubberized area to avoid painful impact that might discourage you from jumping.

7.    Try some yoga poses.  
If you haven’t tried yoga, it’s high time that you do! These yoga poses, if done properly and consistently, will make your butts better. contains those great yoga poses that you’ll love!

8.    Engage yourself in sports.
If you are the type of person who easily gets bored in gyms or in work outs, try any of the following sports:

·      cycling
·      volleyball
·      swimming
·      soccer
·      cheerleading
·      gymnastics
·      skiing
·      field hockey

It’s better if you can do these with your friends who also wish to tone their tush.

9.    Eat rear-defining food

Surprise! Your diet can greatly help in making you achieve your dream tush. High protein diet will help you as you exercise consistently. These foods include the following:

·                   eggs
·                   skinless chicken breasts
·                   turkey
·                   fish (salmon, tuna or any fish that must not be fried)
·                   lean cut meats
·                   steak
·                   lean ground beef
·                   cheese
·                   beans and legumes
·                   soy products
·                   dark green leafy vegetables

Aside from protein, you also need to include the following on your diet:

·      brown rice
·      sweet potatoes
·      oats
·      whole grain bread
·      low sugar breakfast cereal
·      nuts
·      avocado
·      Greek yogurt
·      milk
·      dried fruits

 Inquire to a dietician about the meal plan that works best for your body.

10. Be consistent.
Consistency is the key. Numbers 1-9 that are enumerated here will all be useless if you do not engage yourself in these consistently. It’s pretty difficult to engage and commit yourself in doing all these consistently, but all the hard work will certainly pay off!

Having those tight buns require your devotion, discipline, commitment, and consistency. Just like in the saying, “no pain, no gain,” your little sacrifices will be rewarded, and the reward will surely make you become happier and satisfied. What are you waiting for? Do this ASAP!